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Halifax Prep Basketball  Inc. is the first ever Basketball Prep program in the city of Halifax based in Spryfield, Nova Scotia founded in 2017. Halifax Prep will provide tutoring as needed to ensure our goal of 85% GPA is achieved by all students while incorporating pathways education which is nationally recognize. Halifax Prep offers grades 9-12.

Our goal is to turn the student athletes’ weaknesses into strengths, specifically with their studies, and give them the confidence they need to be successful in the classroom while excelling on the basketball court by obtaining an university scholarship.


Halifax Basketball  is a family based business and any athlete that comes through our system will be treated as such. We get to know each individual athlete and this is the key to effectively searching for the right prep schools.

Intellectual mentality and education is the utmost importance here at Halifax Basketball Inc. When an athlete’s body is no longer able to perform at it’s highest level they MUST have a something to fall back on.  We require all athletes to focus on school work just as much as training.

Integrity and respect are attributes that require no basketball skill or talent, yet are attributes that can carry you further than talent and skill alone. Respecting family at home and coaches, teachers, peers and teammates on the court or at school is the company non-negotiable. 

Naofall 'Ming' Folahan

President / CEO

Originally from (Benin) Africa, Ming grew up with a wonderful family and a passion for basketball. At an early age, Ming was head and shoulders taller than all of his friends - much like he is today.

At 16, Ming was recruited by a prep school in the States where he was nominated 'McDonald's All American' in his senior year of high school. He would ultimately land himself a full scholarship to Wagner College, where he would play for the brother duo Bobby and Danny Hurley. Bobby, an accomplished NBA player turned professional coach and Danny has coached players who would go on to win NBA championships.

Known for his legacy as 'All-Time Leading Shot Blocker at Wagner, Ming also ranked second in the country for shot blocks in his senior year. To this day, Ming still holds the record for most shots blocked in a single game.

Working just as hard off the court, Ming graduated with a degree in International Business and Marketing. After trying out for NBA teams including the Knicks, Spurs, and Nuggets, he signed a professional contract to play in the NBL (Canadian Basketball League). Since his move to Canada, Ming has met his wife, Stephanie, and together have three children. Working in his community and raising his kids, Ming realized he had a passion as strong as basketball - being a father. By combining the elements of basketball and empowering the next generation, Ming and Stephanie created Halifax Basketball Inc. and Halifax Prep.

The company is devoted to making quality basketball programs available to as many kids as possible. The dedicated father of two knows firsthand the challenges parents face with raising children in today's economy, and works around the clock to reach as many children as possible.

Our Team

M7NG Family!

Stephanie Folahan

Vice President / COO / CFO

Born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Raised in a single parent household Stephanie was determined to exceed the low expectations set forth for her by family, teachers and other authority figures due to her family situation.

Stephanie graduated from Halifax West High School where she was the “MVP” of the school’s basketball team and previously held records for the 100 and 200 meter dash.

Upon graduating high school Stephanie attended Saint Mary’s University and also later graduated from Eastern College. She is now a Senior Accountant, specializing in payroll and income tax. Stephanie is the force responsible for the behind the scenes operations of Halifax basketball and is also the Owner of Small Business Assistance.  

While being very successful professionally nothing tops Stephanie’s proudest accomplishment which is her family, comprised of her wonderful husband and three children.

Our Recent Work

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