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Halifax Prep is the first ever Basketball Prep program in the city of Halifax based in Spryfield, Nova Scotia founded in 2017. Halifax Prep will provide tutoring as needed to ensure our goal of 85% GPA is achieved by all students while incorporating pathways education which is nationally recognize. Halifax Prep offers grades 9-12. Our goal is to turn the student athletes’ weaknesses into strengths, specifically with their studies, and give them the confidence they need to be successful in the classroom while excelling on the basketball court by obtaining an university scholarship.

Our mission is for Halifax Prep to be one of the top basketball programs in the nation, while remaining affordable and not restricting recruited players from playing due to financial reasons. The ideal outcome is for all players to be recruited by top programs at the college/university level.

The Varsity players will live in Spryfield, Nova Scotia and be contributing members of the community. Volunteer work is a must for all Halifax players! Any community event that does not interfere with your school or basketball schedule you will be required to attend and participate. Halifax prep colors are black and white and the team's nickname is the ‘Sevens”.

The Halifax Prep program will be part of the National Preparatory Association (NPA) and the (NJC). The NPA is spearheaded by North Pole Hoops (NPH) in conjunction with 11 character prep programs across the country. Each program has a high quality make up which includes 10-20+ years in contributions to Canadian basketball, quality personnel and a proven track record. The NPA is a transparent, inclusive league designed to provide structure within amateur Canadian basketball at an elite level, while building culture for the game across the country. The NPA will change Canadian basketball forever, providing student-athletes an opportunity to play high level hoops on home soil, with an emphasis on development on and off the floor. Academic excellence is what the NPA strives for and the NPA will take pride in enforcing the academic standard, to ensure a high NCAA / CIS eligibility rate League games and tournaments will be played all over the country, providing student-athletes an opportunity to build long-lasting experiences and memories, while learning about Canada. The NJC is an all-inclusive circuit designed to provide opportunities for elite level junior boys to compete against the best from across the country. There is a lot of excitement for this initiative and NJC will be the premier platform for junior boy’s high school/prep programs.

Facilities we use!!


ProEdge Sports Conditioning

Director of Sports Conditioning, Pat has been a key part of developing the training programs offered at ProEdge over the last 5 years. Pat will also be the Head  Coach of Halifax prep strength and conditioning program.


Team Barber

Ascension and Marvin is the official Halifax Prep Barber.  Our players getting the best fresh and clean cut once a month.