Halifax Prep is the first ever Basketball Prep program in the city of Halifax based in Spryfield, Nova Scotia founded in 2017. Halifax Prep will provide tutoring as needed to ensure our goal of 85% GPA is achieved by all students. Halifax Prep offers grades 10-12. Our goal is to turn the student athletes’ weaknesses into strengths, specifically with their studies, and give them the confidence they need to be successful in the classroom while excelling on the basketball court by obtaining an university scholarship.

Our mission is for Halifax Prep to be one of the top basketball programs in the nation, while remaining affordable and not restricting recruited players from playing due to financial reasons. The ideal outcome is for all players to be recruited by top programs at the college/university level.

The Varsity players will live in Spryfield, Nova Scotia and be contributing members of the community. Volunteer work is a must for all Halifax players!  Halifax prep colors are black and white and the team's nickname is the ‘Sevens”.